Straight teeth in Windsor

The Secret to a Straighter Smile

As an adult, it’s difficult to undergo teeth straightening procedures and still maintain your professional demeanour in the workplace. Braces are the most effective way to get the straighter smile you’ve always wanted, but they can be uncomfortable and unsightly. At Devon Plaza Dental, Dr. Gary Mannarino can straighten your teeth without the use of aesthetically displeasing adult braces. Let’s walk through the different ways you can keep your teeth straight and looking their best.

Clear, Ceramic Braces

If your main goal is to keep your braces out of sight, rather than going the traditional route of having metal wires, you can get clear ceramic braces instead. Ceramic braces are made to be the color of your teeth so that, essentially, they appear to be invisible. While the wire is still silver, the fact that the braces are clear draws away enough attention that they’re more or less unnoticeable. This will provide you with more confidence, while still giving you the straighter teeth you’ve always wanted.

Lingual Braces
This type of braces is applied behind the tooth so they stay out of sight. Unlike the ceramic option, lingual braces are almost impossible to see, even when observed at close distances. Because of their placement behind your teeth, they can be more uncomfortable for some. They have a tendency to push up against your tongue and make it difficult to speak (at first). While they’re more expensive than other options, those who want to want to keep the process of straightening their teeth a secret praise the use of lingual braces.

This option is ideal for adults with a willingness to commit to a comfortable, long-term treatment process. Essentially, it’s a clear thermoplastic mould that fits right over the surface of your teeth. Unlike other treatments, Invisalign® is removable. If you’re thinking of using this option, be sure you can always remember to wear it for the recommended 22 hours a day (and a retainer for a long time once the treatment is done). Like a retainer, you have to remove it when you brush and when you eat. If you’re thinking of Invisalign®, talk to your dentist in Windsor, Ontario to find out if this option is right for you.

Protect Your Teeth
Once you’ve gone through the effort of having your teeth straightened, it would be a shame to damage them. Be sure to use a proper mouth guard when playing sports and even consider using a sleep guard to prevent grinding at night.

Braces can only be implemented by certified orthodontists, but for Invisalign® treatments in Windsor, Ontario, please contact Dr. Gary Mannarino at Devon Plaza Dental. We’ll make sure your teeth are well taken care of. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions regarding the procedures and services we offer.

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