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The Role of Plaque and Tartar in Dental Issues and How to Eliminate Both

Your dentist may have already said a thing or two about plaque and tartar. But what may not yet be clear is just how powerful a role these culprits play in causing dental health complications. Plaque and tartar are leading causes of dental decay and gum disease. Eradicating them is the best way to ensure optimum oral health.

From plaque to tartar

Plaque is an invisible film that forms in your mouth that contains harmful bacteria. An abundance of this sticky bacteria in your mouth is likely to interact with sugars that you consume, and eventually lead to the formation of cavities. Additionally, plaque that’s left undisturbed on the surface of your teeth will harden over time and become the calcified substance known as tartar. When new plaque forms on top of tartar, gingivitis—an early stage of gum disease—is the likely outcome. Untreated gingivitis can advance to periodontitis, a more serious and harder-to-treat type of gum disease. 

A single plan of attack
The good news about plaque is that it’s easy to remove. A simple swipe of your toothbrush or pluck from a string of dental floss will see it effectively removed. The bad news is that it always comes back. The remedy, therefore, is an ongoing commitment to brushing your teeth twice every day and flossing at least once. This will eliminate plaque and prevent tartar from forming.

Getting rid of tartar
Preventive oral hygiene routines can stave off tartar formation entirely. But sometimes, you routinely overlook a spot—the backside of teeth under the tongue is easy to miss—and tartar forms. The only way to get rid of tartar is by way of a treatment called scaling. The process requires the attention of a dentist or dental hygienist who has special tools—ultrasonic and hand scalers—designed to get rid of tartar. 

The importance of dental visits
In addition to a thorough dental cleaning that will eliminate any tartar buildup, a dental checkup will also ensure plaque hasn’t led to other oral health complications. Your dentist in Windsor, Ontario can screen for complications caused by plaque such as decay and gum disease, problems that if caught early are easy to treat.

A dentist who does it all
Residents of Windsor, LaSalle and other nearby communities in Ontario can rely on Dr. Gary Mannarino for a full range of treatments. Out of Devon Plaza Dental, he provides preventive, restorative, cosmetic, and other dentistry services to patients of all ages. Contact Dr. Gary Mannarino today to achieve your best dental health ever.

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